Behind the Scenes

The bohemian value of passionate expression above all else inspires my style. Across my shapely torso and long legs, you might notice a carefully curated collection of tattoos. They each come with stories as unique as their form. I often exaggerate my curvy, hourglass figure by wearing corsets and encourage your exploration with an alluring silk robe.

My hair color changes but I have settled on a coppery tone to complement my eyes. Strangers often comment on my eyes. Are they grey, green, or blue? As much as I indulge in glamor, I take pleasure in throwing on a pair of overalls to tend to my garden feeling the soft earth beneath my feet.


Height: 5'8" tall
Figure: hourglass, curvy, super booty
Bust: 34F
Shoes: size 9
Dress size: 10/12
Interests: gardening, clothing design, paper sculpture, contemplating what makes something beautiful

Bay Area Curvy BDSM Companion