Before We Meet

Our initial communications will be simple yet sweet focused on planning our special occasion together. I ask that you read over the information on this site as it will make this process easier. Once we do meet, we will have plenty of time for more intimate discussions.

I see clients of all shapes, sizes and nationalities and do not discriminate.

Rates: My rates are as listed and not up for negotiation. I offer a boutique experience where I put every ounce of my being into it.

Screening: I have a simple screening process which allows us open an honest dialogue and for both of us to feel safe. Your privacy is very important to me. Any information given to me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

My rates and screening form can be found on How to Meet Me.

Our Time Together

Our first meeting should be special for both of us — a cherished first date where we both get to know one other, exploring minds and bodies. Please remember I am a lady and I request you treat me as such. Mutual respect and courtesy go a long way.

Appearance: I put time and effort into my appearance and I appreciate my clients to also do the same. There is nothing sexier than someone who clearly put energy into trying to impress their date! If you want to color coordinate your outfit with mine, I am happy to discuss that ahead of time!

Discretion: Our time together is a moment just between us. Everything from who you are to the words we share and the intimate nature of our time together stays only between us. I do not share these moments with others and I expect the same level of discretion from you.

Compensation: At no point during our meeting will the compensation for my time be discussed. Please have it ready ahead of time and place it in a white envelope tucked into a card, gift bag or even a book you'd like to share with me.