Ever since childhood, I loved playing make believe. I collect many eclectic and unusual experiences often seeking adventures that challenge my creativity. Spending time on adventurous road trips and in books taught me how to find enjoyment and comfort in almost any situation. I take pride in extending that sense of belonging to friends.

Building an experience from trust and acceptance are the cornerstones of our shared adventures together. As an event planner and experience curator, I am happy collaborating in most any role. I lead comfortably.

I have a wide variety of interests and I'm open to curating our experience together, or collaborating on something together. Perhaps some of my interests will inspire our date? Nothing brings me such joy as sipping tea while watching the sunset or catching a classic film at the Castro theatre. Tell me, what brings you pleasure? What brings you joy? What do you savor?

Curious about what pleases me? Here is a list of themed activities I enjoy, some are one on one and some to be enjoyed after shelter in pla


  • The Roxy theatre for a film
  • Dinner, I have eclectic interests but particularly love seafood
  • Movies
  • Cuddling, I love entangling my limbs with yours
  • Cooking together


  • Botanical gardens in Golden Gate Park
  • Picnics
  • Wood Line walk
  • Beach walks
  • Golden Gate Park carousel

For the More Adventurous

  • Bike ride to the Wave Organ
  • Circus Center Classes
  • Roller rink in a church

For the Pervert

  • Rope bondage classes
  • Antique Vibrator Museum
  • Shopping at Agent Provocateur
  • Our Gourmet Life, an erotic dinner party
  • Date Night at the SF Citadel

See My Victorian Side

  • Opera
  • High tea
  • Symphony
  • Taxidermy class
  • Matcha ceremony lessons
  • Ikebana lessons


  • Mirror maze
  • Shopping at Haight Street
  • Institute of Illegal Images
  • Mescaline Grove